Upright minimalism to serve functionality, Yori is a discreet small projector but offers great performance. Two simple, harmonious volumes are held together by a thin joint that enables one to adjust the beam at will, creating exciting scenes.

Made of die-cast aluminium, Yori is designed to accommodate the most innovative light sources (RE LED Luce and metal halide lamps). Indeed, when used in combination with the IOS (Interchangeable Optical System) technology, they offer high efficiency and a full range of beam widths able to produce effective, accurate lighting and save energy.

Ideal for retail

Yori has been designed for installation on tracks or mounting rails where its particular mechanical/electrical connector can power up to 10 luminaries from a single lighting point. It is perfect for displays, art galleries and, in general, for all projects requiring accent lighting to show off the items on display.

Yori is a high performance lighting solution and it’s available in two dimensions, with diameter from 60 and 95; with lumens from 735lm to 3560lm, powers from 10 to 33 Watt, 3000/4000K CRI from 82 to 97. 


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