The first biologically effective lamp system for the workplace

Daylight is the signal generator, which synchronizes our inner rhythm with the natural course of the day. LUCTRA®, the new lamp system by DURABLE, simulates the effect of daylight.

Ultra-modern LED technology combined with the intelligent VITACORE® electronic system not only ensures extremely even and consequently fatigue-proof illumination of the workplace. It also makes it possible to adjust the color and intensity of light to personal well-being at any time.

Table Pro

The LUCTRA® table lamps are consistently designed to meet human needs at the office workplace. The heads with their open cooling ribs reduce the LED´s heat very effectively. Self-arresting joints bring the light without readjustment to any desired position.


Table Pro
Radial Floor
Radial Floor, LUCTRA® by DURABLE










Radial Floor

Unobtrusive design, intelligent technology and premium-quality materials at a maximum height of 1.90 metres – whoever has RADIAL FLOOR standing next to their desks will leave the office with the good feeling of having achieved something without being exhausted.

Lighting Experience Design

Come to discover Klube at Lighting Experience Design, the exclusive event at the Milan Design Week promoted by Assodel (Italian Association of Electronics Clusters) in partnership with LedLab and TID (The Interior Design), inside the Ventura Lambrate District – from 14th to 19th April 2015.

Lighting Experience Design proposes an extraordinary and interactive exhibition based on the relationship between light and design objects, a unique experience to taste and feel the benefits of LED lighting interacting with different installations and solutions.


Facciamo luce sul design! Assodel al Fuorisalone
Milan Design Week, 14th -19th April, Via Console Flaminio 19, Milan