“It seemed to walk through a rainbow”. This was how some visitors described the light art installation by Liz West, which cloaked an area of a Manchester gallery in a colourful haze for a few days in January.
Using the space as a laboratory, Liz West tested the influence of luminous colour on people and on the visitors who experienced it. This project forms part of a recent series of spatial light works based on research into colour theory and light fields. That is why she transformed the architectural space into a sensory experience by overloading it with artificial, chromatic light.

“I am interested in creating illusions – making people question what exactly they are looking at. My knowledge of colour science helped me in the realisation of Your Colour Perception. The filters were laid out in my own colour order, which considered how precise shades and hues would interact with each other and meld into each other when installed”, said the artist. Already known for her the use of luminous colour and radiant light, it was the extent and scale of this project that took a new direction.

Credits photo: Stephen Iles