At 666 meters long and 37.5 meters wide, the Dragon Bridge connects Nguyen Van Linh with the Son Tra-Dien Ngoc highway in  Vietnam. It has three lanes for traffic in both directions, with an additional sidewalk of 2.5 meters that allows people to walk or cycle across the bridge. This bridge is set to become a major attraction in the city of Da Nang, with its majestic dragon built in the middle of bridge and illuminated by sustainable and energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. “This unique and beautifully lit bridge is set to become Da Nang’s new landmark, an ever changing functional artwork that puts Vietnam on the world map of lighting design”, said Dr. Tran Van Thanh, Lighting Designer, ASA Studios

The Solution

To highlight the 568 meters long dragon, with an 18 meters wide head and a 19.73 meters wide tail, about 2,500 LED light points were used, including LED road lighting solutions. The Philips lighting solution lit the dragon in different colors, and can be controlled and changed to celebrate different festivals and holidays. Philips also provided lighting project services such as designing, installing, testing, and commissioning.


The intelligent LED lighting solution painted the iconic dragon with a myriad of colors that can change in 5 different colors, customizable for any occasion, festival or holiday. The eyecatching design of this lighting solution clearly positions the Dragon Bridge as a gateway for Vietnam and the rest of the world to the city of Da Nang. The LED lighting solution brought to life the design of the dragon that seems to leap out of the Han River through a stunning display of colors, with lighting that is both environmentally sustainable and energy efficient.



Client: Da Nang People’s Committee
Project: Dragon Bridge
Location: Da Nang, Vietnam
Project manager: Nguyen Viet Nhan, Philips Lighting Vietnam
Images credit: Philips