SPLYT: Design British Style

Splyt is the system of projectors for interiors created to meet the specific demand for high performance Wall Washer optics, very narrow beams (<6°) and an optic compartment thickness of only 40 mm, Splyt is the latest product of Reggiani’s partnership with leading British Lighting Designers, LAPD consultants.

The system allows the installation of the luminaires to be adapted to specific design needs by offering semi-recessed, track-mounted, surface-mounted and wall-mounted systems.

The design is in keeping with the geometric canons of the latest Reggiani luminaires, inspired by pure forms around which the design concept is created, fully functional in terms of the desired luminance and the application for which the product has been conceived.

Splyt is the high performance lighting solution and available in two dimensions, with square area: 120x120mm or 150x150mm, with lumens from 1600lm to 2880lm, powers from 18 to 32 Watt and CRI 80/90.

The horizontal orientation arrives till 290°, vertically up to 90°. The light bundles can be tight, large or asymmetric.


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