The Spillepengen is a European lighting project. It has been led by a project manager with a steering committee from the City of Malmo and the Swedish Transport Administration.


The design goals for lighting

The place had an unclear identity. And commuter traffic did not know where the city began. Traffic to and from Europe did not know if it was in Malmö or outside the city.

Now, the bridge can act as the “Gateway to Europe”. Because a simple lighting provides an interesting light image of the bridge. While bronze street lights could be seen as a “string of pearls”.


The European lighting project

The client wanted to signal from a long distance the significance of the interchange for all users. The bridge piers are illuminated from below. Warm white streetlights on the bridge create the feeling of a “string of pearls”. They lowered lighting height of the bridge to 8 mt. Street lights on the bridge also shed light on the ground between the bridges with their warm white lighting.
Also, lighting helped to strengthen the safety aspects by enhancing lighting inside the pedestrian and bicycle tunnel.


Technology and the environment

For the selection of light sources and luminaires, the lighting designer gave priority to maintain constituent materials in the environment. Energy efficiency commensurate to experience and function, not only lumens/Watt. Therefore, there is a mixture of traditional light sources and LED solutions. With benefits from both an environmental and energy efficiency… without reducing the perception of spatiality.

Project: Spillepengen
Location: Malmo, Sweden
Lighting Design: Johan Moritz, Sweden
Client: City of Malmo
Architect: Ramboll, Sweden
Lighting Suppliers: Erco, Philips, Malux
Photo credits: Lars Bendroth
Awards: Winner of Darc Awards 2016 – Best Exterior Lighting Scheme (Low Budget)