Contamination between Architecture and Wellbeing. This is the main theme of the lighting design concept that Alberto Apostoli designed for the agency of Allianz insurance based in Trani. The agency was inaugurated in April 2016 in the presence of the Italian top management of Allianz. The intuition of the customer in choosing SPA designers for his office was visionary. The purpose was to respond to business needs and to make people perceive the “insurance product” as something different from a “necessary product.”

In addition to this, the customer wanted to create an innovative area as innovation has a key role in terms of customer satisfaction management.

The lighting design concept

The project has been designed to help communication and socialization between employers and customers and among colleagues. A space tailored to the needs of people, rich in sensory and emotional effects. The studio worked with the typical elements of the wellness areas: water, fire, light, nature and noble materials such as wood, glass and stone. This project represents the customs clearance of “Wellness ” in other design applications.
The project of Alberto Apostoli was named in the 2016 Codega Prize shortlist being judged as a very interesting lighting design project.

Description of the technical aspects

The lighting project was designed according to the role that light has in wellness centers and in offices and workplaces. Every single object and aspect was studied in detail. The lighting sources and fixtures were incorporated into waterfall, in the plexiglass dividersbetween workstations and in the work counter custom-built with stones from Trani. Special architectural elements were made containing both the LED strips for indirect lighting and the spotlights for direct and accent lighting.
All the lighting fixtures are RGB combined with a DALI system that can handle different scenarios depending on the day, the season and any specific occasion (i.e. Christmas). The home automation system regulates the intensity of artificial light according to the amount of natural light in the room, resulting in energy savings and improved workers comfort.
Customer: Allianz Wellness Office
Place: Trani, Italy
Realization: 2015
Lighting Design: Alberto Apostoli Studio
Photo credits: Luca Bezzato