In human beings, sight is the most important sense. Responsible for the reception of visual stirrings, it allows people to recognize shapes, lights and colours, and is at the base of 80% of what we learn and know every day. The perception is instead the interpretation of what is happening around us through sensorial stirrings, and it is something subjective and personal.


These concepts of sight and perception are the key points of Illuminotronica 2015, the unique professional event in Italy which is focused on light, in all its aspects. Light as indoor and outdoor lighting. Light as design with the quality and excellence of the “made in Italy” manufacturing. Light as “smart” solutions, which are controllable, integrated and configurable depending on individual needs. Finally, light as a fundamental element for people well-being and safety (Human Centric Lighting & Technologies).


From the 8th to the 10th October in Padua and promoted by Assodel (Italian Association of Electronic Clusters), Illuminotronica is a privileged stage dedicated to all those who install, design and apply technologies, systems and products in the lighting sector. The 3-days event aims at becoming the meeting point between lighting and electronics and represents an occasion for technicians and professionals to update and network on technological developments, market overviews and new business opportunities.


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