Today, Colette Store, the shopping store located in Paris and covering a total area of 740 square metres on three levels, presents a new lighting system. Thanks to ERCO LED technology and solutions the store and all the luxury products displayed are enlighten with a precise and brilliant light which accentuates patterns and materials with a sharp-edged beam for a three-dimensional effect.


Lighting solutions

The ERCO Optec spotlights used in the store offer a range of light distributions that cover every requirement for superb shop lighting. In the store windows, their high-contrast accent lighting sets off the mannequins as effectively as the shoes and bags arranged on glass shelving; above the product tables in the store’s “hi-tech zone” on the ground floor, they provide glare-free light for the watches and techno gadgets.

Using a variety of different ERCO lighting tools creates separate zones that neatly divide the eclectic world of Colette – thereby facilitating orientation as well as a flexible response to the fast-paced lifestyle of the Parisian fashion temple.


Copyright images:
ERCO GmbH,, photo: Edgar Zippel