The building block for backlighting – Simple, Uniform, Configurable

Cooledge SQUARE is a, flat, flexible, UL Listed light product that creates a uniform, consistent lit effect, in low profile architectural installations – as shallow as 5cm. As easy to install as a bulb or a piece of carpet tile, the 30 by 30cm SQUARE sheets don’t require a heat sink, stay cool enough to be taped in place, and can be trimmed with scissors for an exact fit. Highly configurable, SQUARE sheets have snaps, like on a 9-volt battery that connect SQUAREs to each other and provide a foolproof electrical connection. Side rails provide structure, alignment and attach points.

About Cooledge

Cooledge Lighting is a pioneer in scalable lighting products that can be
easily designed into a building by architects and lighting designers and simply installed by builders and contractors without specialized knowledge or training. The privately held company is based in Vancouver, Canada with offices and operations in the United States and Germany.

The company’s Light Sheet and SQUARE products are UL Listed and use extremely efficient white LEDs to provide a smooth and uniform lit effect when installed. Each is thin, just 0.1 inch thick, and flexible, like a sheet of paper, so that it can be bent, draped or shaped around and in architectural elements.