The Interactive Wine Cellar is an attractive, interactive environment created and designed by LUXURY ITALIAN PROJECTS.

A technical column with a Touch-Screen interface helps to keep everything under control: the contents of the cellar, the number of bottles and all their relative data. And access to the cellar? The door has a digital fingerprint reader, to ensure both protection and customisation at the same time.

Technology is also applied to the bottles: a specially designed collar helps to identify each bottle, making loading and unloading easier, while traceability allows you to identify the position of every single bottle with a special LED light.

This innovative project entered in the shortlidt of the Codega Prize 2016.


Interactive Wine Cellar: how it works

  1. Preservation

A close collaboration among designer, refrigerator technicians and oenologists led to the development of an innovative system for the preservation of the product wine. Humidity and temperature are constantly monitored and kept to the optimal values. To guarantee the perfect preservation for a long time, the cellar can also signal possible anomalies of the system so as to allow a rapid intervention.

  1. Technical Column

The center of the system is located in the technical column which, through the intuitive touch interface, allows the control and the setting of the whole infrastructure’s functionalities.
Every product shows information such as code, name, color, description, origin, year, category, percentage of alcohol, etc.
Though a specific fingerprint device it is possible to manage hundreds of fingerprints to associated to precise functions.

The lights’ background includes the illumination of specific areas of the cellar. With this kind of interface the user can see how many and which backgrounds have been previously planned, so as to activate or deactivate them simply with a click.

  1. Tablet

Thanks to the tablet device it is possible to access to the whole cellar data and quickly choosing, taking and loading bottles.

  1. Bottles Tracing

Special collars are made to allow a quick and precise identification of the single bottle. This way, the loading and unloading process can be simplified. The bottles can be identified individually by the system. Every single bottle is located on a luminescent bottle carrier and connected to the system through technologic boards. Every bottle is characterized by a collar containing a NFC system that can store specific information.

  1. Remote Management Position

It’s possible to carry out the whole management process by computer.

6. Chromotherapy

In the cellar there are many different areas illuminated by RGB LED that can reproduce the complete chromatic spectrum. Specific areas and illuminations can be defined, with the possibility of depicting personalized and timed light’s effects.

  1. Everything Custom-Made

The whole project is created to fulfil customers’ needs. There aren’t standard components, each project is created in very close contact with the customer.


The lighting system

The illumination engineering system has been designed to consume almost half of that of traditional LED systems and to heat up at less than half the standard temperature. The illumination engineering elements are all easily replaceable thanks to magnetic connections on the wood of the units. The printed circuit boards to manage the automated parts of the cellar are proprietary and have been designed to ensure easy replacement by non-specialized staff.