The IMX Spiral, realized by ACTLD studio, is an icon of Moscow’s retail and commercial life.
The project has been awarded with the 2nd place of the Codega Award 2017, the international lighting design award for the innovative use of LED technology in the retail field.


The project

The brief was to create a signature element for Moscow’s Zeleno Park Shopping and Leisure Centre. For the client, it was important to offer customers and visitors an additional experience, to make Zeleno Park more attractive and unique.

ACTLD focused on a multi-sensory approach that encourages the visitors to explore the structure’s interface enhancing the spatial experience through visual, interactive and dynamic elements. This immersive installation includes numerous functions: original content, scenography, storytelling, video mapping, lighting design, sound and interaction. lMX Spiral, addresses all senses and encourages visitors to explore its interactive surface.

ACTLD came up with an interactive spatial sculpture for multimedia projections which dominates the high access area of the mall from the ground floor up to the roof. The dynamic stylistic idiom is of a vortex which swirls its way up to a height of 14 m.

The structure is formed by two intertwined spirals that follow and embraces each other, their exterior surfaces are used for projections. The theme of the projections and the original music backdrop is inspired by a dynamic natural phenomenon which overlay the spirals.LED technology: 8 projectors and 160m of pixel controlled LED lines create exciting effects. The system is complemented by a central audio system and sound showers.

ACTLD_IMX Spiral_led_technology_codega_award04When architecture meets multimedia and LED technology

IMX Spiral, merges Architecture and Technology, with its complexity and high-end, IMX Spiral is in short: an iconic project, excellent aesthetic design, high quality and latest technology. Such integration is an innovative and unique use of lighting and technology that comes together with the traditional retail environment.

In order to achieve a unifying experience, integrated lighting: custom design Mini sculptures, and dynamic lighting, were introduced in the schema. These are connected to the events, supporting the show, providing an embracing experience and inviting people from the entrances and corridors towards the sculpture.

IMX is also a platform for commercial display, exclusive branding, full customer experience, interaction and recreation; stimulating a connection between users and commercial space, a cohesion between lighting and retail environment.

IMX Spiral it is not merely a Lighting Design Project, it goes beyond. It integrates diverse technologies, from standard lighting to integration of Video Systems and Interactivity. As a visitor, you do not contemplate IMX Spiral, you are part of it, you play with it, you are attracted by it and lighting elements guide you towards the heart of the mall where IMX Spiral performs lively.