Hunke jewellers and opticians is a family business with a long and rich tradition in the town of Ludwigsburg, Germany. Situated in the centre of one of Europe’s most renowned baroque cities, the owners planned to fuse the historical townhouse which hosted their established store with a newly built corner house.

In consequence, the interior design concept was meant to be a one-of-a-kind fusion of past and future elements, using premium materials. The aim of the lighting concept was, to underline and sharpen this approach – and present all products in perfect light.


Pfarré lighting project

The ambient lighting in the jeweller’s part oft the store is generated by large fields of illuminated ceilings, integrated in an accurately shaped drywall ceiling structure. Random arranged spheres of diffuse glass complete the ambiance and serve as illumination for the facial area. The bright and brilliant product lighting is generated by recessed, adjustable downlights with reflectors made of dichroic glass, again integrated in a custom made drywall ceiling construction.

The showcases are illuminated by a combination of two lighting principles:

1. the back wall is brightened up from top to bottom by a diffuse linear LED-strip;

2. the products are highlighted by directional miniaturized spotlights with different beam angles and colour temperatures.

An elaborate filter layer behind the shop windows generates a fascinating link between exterior and interior: a glass pane, printed with a gradient and supported by floor-integrated linear lighting, generates transparency as well as privacy. The very centre of the store is the two-storey lounge area, situated in the oldest part of the building. It is dominated by a golden ceiling setback with a bundle of 40 custom made glass pendants in a random arrangement.

In the opticians store, an accurately arranged system of thin black ceiling lines with integrated track lighting provides an optimal flexibility for the different requirements of the illumination. A combination of glare reduced downlights (circulation areas), wallwashers (showcase walls) and powerful linear lighting (consultant tables), accompanied by directional spotlights (shelves and tables) create a well balanced, glare reduced lighting atmosphere.

Pfarré lighting project of Hunke jewellers and opticians has been named among Codega Awards candidates for 2017.