A Perfect Light for Every Situation

The new Dual Color LED lamps from LEDON provide different light colors in one source for a needs-oriented lighting situation. The light color changes from neutral white to warm white with just the light switch. No installation is required.

You can choose between two dimmable versions available, each with 800 lumens and 10 watts of power. They differ by changing their light color from neutral white to warm white (for work) and from warm white to ultra warm white (for relax).

From Functional to Emotional

The work version of the LED lamp provides the perfect lighting depending on day-to-day demands. You can start the day with a neutral white light color of 4000 Kelvin in order to stimulate and promote your concentration.

When you need to relax, just by double-clicking the light switch the working atmosphere immediately changes to a cozy lighting ambient with a warm white color temperature of 2700 Kelvin.

Can it be a little More Comfortable?

The relax version is the perfect lighting for comfort-oriented applications. From the warm white color of 2700 Kelvin, suitable for your free time activities at home, you can turn to an extra warm 2000 Kelvin to create the light atmosphere of a burning candle. Perfect for a romantic dinner!

All in a Sustainable Light

Additionally, these perfectly shaped lamps offer a very good light quality and an outstanding light distribution. The extremely energy savings combined with the long lifetime (about 25,000 hours) make this lighting solution very sustainable.