Clac is the new idea of Stefano Zanaboni, a young Italian designer. Clac is a lamp where the creative process meets technology is a very innovative solution. A LED DOVE product.

The technology

Working at low voltage, electricity passes through a pair of metal plates, one for each pole, and closes the electrical circuit with a pair of neodymium magnets; these special magnets allow you to take advantage of the neodymium to clasp the metal plates, and at the same time, exploit the 30% iron present in them, to conduct the electricity needed and light up our product.

Clac is equipped with two light sources: the first one is warm (3000 K) and perfect to illuminate the surrounding space,while the second one “natural white” (4000 K) lights up your working area on a desk.

The design

Click here to watch the video: Clac

Clac by Stefano Zanaboni
Design and technology: Clac by Stefano Zanaboni








Lighting Experience Design

Come to discover Clac at Lighting Experience Design, the exclusive event at the Milan Design Week promoted by Assodel (Italian Association of Electronics Clusters) in partnership with LedLab and TID (The Interior Design), inside the Ventura Lambrate District – from 14th to 19th April 2015.

Lighting Experience Design proposes an extraordinary and interactive exhibition based on the relationship between light and design objects, a unique experience to taste and feel the benefits of LED lighting interacting with different installations and solutions.


Facciamo luce sul design! Assodel al Fuorisalone
Lighting Experience Design at the Milan Design Week, 14th -19th April, Via Console Flaminio 19, Milan