Retail outlets, SPA and Beauty centre: a unique method for a catalogue of creations and work in progress in Europe and South America signed by Fernando Mosca architect.


The work method remains the same, just as an antique laboratory for ideas, and it shows through every single project. The team composed of 5 people starts working in a sartorial way on the first draft: an exhausting and intense work, that develop itself with always new discussions. A direction is established depending on the requests, and project is slowly adjusted until the final result.


Tailored projects

For more than 15 years, the architect Fernando Mosca has been moving toward eastern Europe: Russia and Ucraine. Some commercial spaces for famous brands are now operational, such as Bolera in Dnepropetrovsk, or Cult Luxury in Donetsk. Some are still being implemented, the same for luxury houses. Inside the rich portfolio of Fernando Mosca we can also mention showrooms in Hong Kong (The Swank Men), and other projects in Dubai. In Italy the architect is present in Milan with loft and offices, Frette at Home and Giò Moretti, in addition to the premises of the brand Al Duca d’Aosta in Venice, near Piazza San Marco.



The Swank Men showroom

It is a space devoted to multibrand clothing manfor an area of ​​350 sqm.The entrance hall is characteristic: dedicated to accessories and shoes, this space is structured on a radial system that manifests itself both on the floor, on the glass surface and ceiling with large fan that is projected. In the area of casual wear different elements give a rhythm and organization to the space that is in turn divided into two half-spaces. All the different areas are connected by a path or “gallery” running through the shop accompanied by scenes of smoked glass illuminated with LEDs.

The use of different materials and of a diffused lbut invisible light create a sophisticated atmosphere.

02_the swank men hong kong